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Cofferdams; controlling water, diverting and withholding it to get at your work can be difficult. The water will tend to go where it wants despite your best laid plans often causing costly disruption and delay. A range of temporary dam solutions are available but how do you know which is best for your project? How do you know it’s going to work for you?

We’ve been installing temporary dams for the last five years, all across the UK for just about every industry that has to work in water. We’ve developed a detailed knowledge of the key portable dam systems, experienced first had their application and effectiveness, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Having built close working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers we can choose from a range of temporary dam solutions to offer the best performance for you project conditions. We offer a turnkey hire and installation service to ensure that you can work safely in the most challenging of conditions.

We look to understand your project in detail before proposing a solution. Understanding the work methods, risks and constraints that are associated with your project informs our installation service. We aim to balance our customers’ needs with the statutory requirements of flood and environmental management and have developed the use specialist solutions to allow us to provide an access solution for any environment.

Please have a look at the brief overview of our systems below or call us on +44 1444 390 292 to discuss your project.


Water Filled Dams

Water filled dams are a great one piece solution! Held in place by the weigh of water inside them they’re a quick, non-invasive way of withholding water. For small scale works, water depths up to 700mm they’re ideal for user installation. However installation in flowing or deep water and on certain bed types can cause issues and that’s when we find most of our customers need a hire and installation service.


Portable Frame Dams

Our modular portable frame dams can be extended to any length and deployed in nearly any configuration for water depths up to 2.4m. The simple yet effective design of these dams cleverly redirects the force of water onto an impermeable membrane forcing it to contour the bed and create a watertight seal. These dams are ideal for use in rivers as they can withstand high flows and changes in water level.


Caissons, Box Limpets and Flumes

There’s no ‘one-fits-all’ solution in our line of work, each project is different, each with its own unique constraints and challenges. This may mean we encounter conditions which exceed the performance parameters of our of-the-shelf temporary dam systems. We custom design and fabricate solutions for such situations, using traditional ideas such as box caissons and limpets or designing more complex flume solutions for high volume bypass.


Water-Gate Dams

A favourite toy of ours and perfect for quick inspections this ingenuous self-inflating, self-supporting system means you can form a temporary dam in minutes. The dam has a wing shaped pockets along its back edge which redirect the force of water on to an integral curtain which holds the whole thing in place. Ideal for quick inspections in shallow, pebbly rivers and streams the dam can even be supplied with a flume kit, eliminating the need for pumps!

A Quick Guide To Suitable Conditions Of Use

Location Water Filled Dam Portable Frame Dam Water-Gate Dam
Lakes, Ponds & Reservoirs Yes Yes No
Streams & Ditches Yes No Yes
Rivers & Flowing Water No Yes Yes (shallow)
Canals & Waterways No Yes No
Tidal & Inshore No Yes No
Works Duration- Long Yes Yes No
Works Duration- Short Yes No Yes

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