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We provided a range of entry and inspection solutions to both infrastructure and utilities clients facilitating the survey of structures such as culverts, pipelines and underground assets. This is either performed with a remotely operated vehicle equipped with live feed audio visual equipment (ROV/CCTV) or by provision of a specialist confined space working service.

Many of the structures that we inspect carry water or waste fluid such as sluice structures, box weirs and culverts and this is where we make use of our specialist access solutions and temporary dams. To divert or withhold the flow and allow safe, controlled access to a confined space.

We have developed a detailed understanding of the risks of using cofferdams, containment and stopper systems in conjunction with a confined space and only apply systems which we know will perform to provide a fail-safe method of work.

We enjoy a challenge and like to think that we can provide access to the most difficult of spaces. The structures we inspect are often in remote locations and difficult to find let alone survey! We have developed safe and portable systems to allow us to gather high quality information for your engineers whatever the location. You can see some of our Access Solutions & Recent Works by clicking the link below;

Our Temporary Dams       Recent Culvert Works

We offer Confined Space Services nationwide, providing trained operatives with construction and industry accreditation as standard. Call +44 1444 390 292 today