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Aerial Inspections. Elevated Platform or UAV Drone Survey Services.

Working below ground with pipe lines and drainage systems we have seen the benefits in safety and efficiency that remote and CCTV inspection services have bought to the sector. We’re bringing the same successful approach to over-ground structures, for bridge inspections and aerial infrastructure.


Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV systems allow us to work with your engineers, gathering high quality information about the condition of your structures, all from the safety of the ground.


Incredibly portable and versatile our UAV drones can access the most remote locations and those often inaccessible via rope or elevated platform. No more worrying about vehicle access or sight lines from a rope, if you can get near a structure the drone can get the footage.


Structural Detail.

Our aerial drones carry high definition recording equipment for video and still shots and provide live output feeds to the operators and engineers on the ground. GPS holding and stabilising meaning that you can focus on structural defects in detail as you identify them.


We offer UAV aerial inspection services nationwide, providing trained operatives with construction and industry accreditation as standard. Call +44 1444 390 292 today

In addition to UAV Services we also offer MWEP and Inspection platforms with operatives and a range of telescopic and pole inspection systems. Call us for more information.